Air Line Equipments

Elbow Type / Push-lock Type, Speed Controller with Scale, In-line Type, Speed Controller with Uni One-touch Fittings, Dual Speed Controller

SMC's newest AL modular style lubricator provides accurate lubrication of downstream equipment.  The AL modular design allows connection with other SMC air preparation equipment.

Pilot Operated Regulator, Miniature Regulator, Compact Regulator, Compact Manifold Regulator, Precision Regulator, Vacuum Regulators, Clean Regulator

Stepless control of air pressure in proportion to electric singals. 5.0 MPa Maximum Supply Pressure High Pressure Electro-Pneumatic Reulator

Modular Type FRL Unit, Air Filter, Mist Separator, Micro Mist Separator, Regulator with Built-in Pressure Gauge, Modular Adaptor, Large Flow Air Filter

Can increase the factory air a maximum of 200%, power supply not required. Possible to get a maximum of double pressure by connecting air with a factory line.

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