Electric Actuators

Clean Series, Rod Type Dust-tight/Water-jet-proof, Slider Type Ball Screw Drive

The transportation, pushing and length measurement systems have been miniaturized through the use of a linear motor. Moving magnetic type linear motor.

High Rigidity Slider Type, Compact Slider Type, Guide Rod Slider (Belt Drive / Ball Screw Drive) High Output motor, Improved high speed transfer ability.

Electric Actuator Rod Type, Step Motor / Servo Motor / AC Servo Motor, Compact Integration of guide rods.

Electric Slide Table / Compact Type, High Rigidity Type, Easy setting, Lightweight, Possible to reduce cycle time.

Miniature Rod Type, Miniature Slide Table Type, Compact and lightweight. Possible to set position, speed and force.

Electric Rotary Table, Possible to set speed, acceleration / deceleration, and position. Energy Saving, Easy setting.

2 Fingers/ F type, 3 Fingers/ S type, 2 Finger type/ Z type, 2 Finger with dust cover / ZJ type, Gripping check function is provided. Possible to set position, speed and force.

Step Data Input Type, Programless Type, Programless Controller, Step Motor Driver, Step Motor Controller, Fieldbus Compatible Gateway. AC Servo Motor Controller

Electrical Actuator Slider Type, Electrical Actuator Rod Type, Electrical Actuator Guide Rod Type.

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