Vaccum Equipment

Vacuum Unit, Space Saving Vacuum Ejector / Pump System, Large Size Vacuum Module, Compact Vacuum Unit, Compact Vacuum Ejector.

In-line Air Filter, Air Suction Filter with One-touch Fittings - Prevents problems related to vacuum circuits or airborne contaminants

Mark-free Pad, Heavy - duty Pad, Ball Spline Buffer Pad, Bellow Pad, Compact / Short / Nozzle Pad, Oval Pad, Ball Joint Type, Non-contact Grippers

Can restrict the reduction of vacuum pressure even when there is no workpiece. No need for switching operation when changing workpiece, Build-in filter, with One-touch fittings.

A blow flow rate 4 times the supply air. By supplying compressed air, large blow and vacuum flow rate available. Large passage diameter available for suction of machining chips, particles etc.

Vacuum Regulator - Allows adjustment of vacuum line pressure, Build-in One-touch fittings, Easy to attach / detach the pressure gauge or digital pressure switch due to attachment by clip. 

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