Clamp Cylinders

Pin Clamp Cylinder - Series CKU, Pin Shift Cylinder - Series CKQR, Plate Clamp Cylinder - Series 

・For High Precision Positioning: Rod end deflection ±0.1 mm or less
・ High output 20,000 N (at 0.5 MPa)
・Complies with CNOMO Standard
・3 types of arm variations for each size
・Complies with the new NAAMS (North America Automotive Metric Standard).
・Weight reduced by up to 39% with aluminum body
・Distance accuracy from the reference hole to the lower surface of the clam
・Compact Width 20 mm, Lightweight 250 g
・Clamp cylinder makes it possible to maintain a clamped or unclamped
・The smallest class of clamp cylinder in the world.
・Compact cylinder with built-in cushion valve and speed controller valve
・Total tube length reduced by 7 mm (For CKP1□40)
・2 types of clamping heights can be selected. : 30mm, 100mm
・Positioning and clamping at one time.
・Double guide type is with improved non-rotating accuracy using a
・Allowable moment of inertia 3 times higher. (The same as the
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