Vacuum Pads

・Assist in non-contact workpiece transfer.
・Ejector and pad are integrated.
・Ball joint type ideal for adsorption on slanted work surfaces
・Ideal for workpieces with a curved picking surface, heavy mass, or large s
・Ideal for heavy or large workpieces such as CRT tubes and automobile bodie
・A variety of models accommodate a wide range of applications.
・For stage setting of disks (CD, DVD) or glass substrates
・For heavy or large workpieces
・Pad diameter: ø32 to ø340
・For workpieces with bumps
・Pad diameter: ø4 to ø15
・For use where adsorption marks must not be left on workpieces.
・Ball spline guide is used to the buffer.
・For rectangular workpieces
・Pad diameter: 3.5 x 7 to 8 x 30
・For adsorbing workpieces flowing at high speeds
・For spherical workpieces or workpieces with inclined surface
・For sheets or vinyl
・Pad diameter: ø5 to ø30
・Compact, space-saving
・Pad diameter: ø0.8 to ø15
・Stability of suction position, Improved ease of removal
・Pad diameter ø1.5 to ø16
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