Flow Control Equipments

Elbow Type / Universal Type AS
・Easy to lock with push-lock type
・Larger handle
・Contributes to the "reduction of work-hours" and "reduction of setting err
・A holder for securing a speed controller (In-line type) with One-touch fit
・Residual pressure in the cylinder can be easily released with one push of
・40% reduction in air consumption.
・Prevents accidents caused by sudden cylinder rod extensions.
Check Valve VCHC40
・Improve durability in high-pressure environments by using a polyurethane

- Body Material: Brass, Stainless Steel - Rubber Material: NB

・Integrates a quick exhaust valve and an exhaust throttle valve.
・A wide selection of models.
・Superior sound reducing performance (Over 20 dB at max. flow rate)
・Pilot check valve and speed controller are combined.
・Able to adjust flow by a special tool.
・Flow adjustable by flat head screwdriver.
・Ideal for low-speed control (from 10 to 50 mm/sec)
・Low particle generation type speed controller suitable for use in clean ro
・Stainless specifications for use in corrosive environments.
・Integrates a speed controller and a residual pressure release valve.
・One-touch locking of the needle.
・Easy to lock with push-lock type
・Larger handle


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