Direct Operated Regulator VCHR
・Service life: 10 million times
・Wetted parts
 Body: New PFA Diaphragm: PTFE
・High precision low flow consumption stainless steel regulator
・Large capacity exhaust regulator
・Air consumption: Bleed air “0”
・Air consumption: Reduced by up to approx. 90%  
・Setting sensitivity: 0.2% F.S. or less
・A modular type that can be freely mounted on a manifold station.
・Compatible with inlet supply pressure of 2.0 MPa
・Compact and lightweight (16 g)
・Low cracking pressure: 0.02 MPa
・Lightweight with an aluminum body (60 g)
Pilot Operated Regulator
・Internal pilot operated style relieving type
Compact Manifold Regulator
・Width: 14 mm, ・Can select two kinds of mountings. Direct mounting and DIN
Miniature Regulator
・Compact and lightweight (16 g)
Regulator with Mist Separator
・Combined with mist separator and regulator.
・Free selection in response to positioning conditions
・With a ø15 compact pressure gauge (Option)
IR Series Precision Regulator
・Tension control
・Contact pressure control
Vacuum Regulator
・Allows adjustment of vacuum line pressure.
・Contamination controlled stainless steel regulator ・Oil-free ・Two types of
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