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Energy Saving in Compressed Air System

As countermeasures for global warming are coming into effect, "energy savings" has become a key theme for corporate reforms. At the Kyoto Conference on Climate Change (December 1997), a 6% reduction of CO₂ emissions from the 1990 emission rate was set as a target to be achieved by 2010.

It is predicted that the trend for energy savings involving corporations will become increasingly demanding. In this climate, SMC will strive for innovations of production systems with energy savings in mind. With cooperation from customers, we will promote energy saving programs for pneumatic systems.


Recognizing the current state... First step toward energy savings and improving awareness

To promote energy savings in pneumatic systems, it is necessary to recognize and control the existing system's air consumption and to improve the awareness of energy saving (cost awareness) in the work place.

 Air Consumption Pattern

Based on usage, electric power consumption for air (compressor) is thought to be 20% of the entire consumption (Figure 1).

Furthermore, air consumption based on usage is as shown in Figure 2. It is necessary to understand and control the air consumption for these usages.


Energy Saving measures



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