Compressed Air System Audit

Compressed Air System Audit


Normally, companies don’t consider the actual cost of compressed air; they may consider the cost of the machine, but rarely is the cost of running that machine taken into account. We often see compressed air systems that are highly inefficient, potentially costing a business thousands of rupees. With our expertise as world-wide leaders in pneumatics alongwith our range of energy saving products & strong commitment of being your PARTNERS IN SAVINGS we at SMC recommend an Energy Saving action plan for compressed air systems that will reduce the air consumption of your plant, thereby reducing the energy consumption and ultimately leadiing to energy efficiency at your facility.

Air Leakage

"Air Leak" is synonymous with WASTAGE

All the air escaping through a leak is not only being WASTED, but it also might be creating different problems in the end equipment. This wastage of air can represent up to 25% of the compressor's total output. Unfortunately, not the 100% of air leakage can be removed. About 5-10% of air leakage is unavoidable. With our expertise we will help you to track down this menace & minimize it.

Air Leakage Loss Cost Table

Hole diameter


Air leakage

(ltr/min (ANR))

Annual Leakage

(m3/year (ANR))

Annual Loss


Equivalent CO2

Emission (Kgs.)

0.5 13 1.9 X 103 1,850.00 83
1 51 7.7 X 103 7,315.00 324
2 204 30.6 X 103 28,557.00 1299
3 459 68.9 X 103 65,455.00 2924

These figures are based on 2500 hours of air compressor operation in a year and compressed air unit cost as Rs. 0.95/m3.

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