AC40A-04DG1-B Air Combination (Price After Discount & 18% GST)


Technical Specifications:-

Type of Product - Air Combination (Filter Regulator + Lubricator)
Body Size - 40 mm
Port Size - 1/2
Pipe thread type - Rc
Float type auto drain- N.O. (Normally open) Drain port is open when pressure is not applied. 
Pressure gauge - Round type pressure gauge (with limit indicator)
Fluid - Air
Maximum operating pressure - 1.0 MPa
Nominal filtration rating [AW] - 5µm


1) Better visibility & environmental resistance as the bowl is covered with a transparent bowl guard!
2) Easy replacement of filter element. The element and the bowl are in one piece. Replacement can be done with hand.
3) Reduced required maintenance space