Air Preparation Filters


Main Line Filter AFF
Mist Separator AM
Micro Mist Separator AMD 

  • Compressed air purity class: ISO 8573
  • Increased airflow capacity due to lower pressure drop which contributes to energy saving. Flow capacity: 14.5 m3/min (ANR) (Increased by up to 20% compared with the existing model).   
  • Pressure drop: 5 kPa or less
  • Lightweight: Max. 52% lighter (10.5 kg → 5.0 kg). Lighter body weight due to a thinner stainless steel bowl
  • Space-saving design, Reduced piping labor! The AFF series main line filter removes both water droplets and solid particles. A separate filter for removing water droplets (water separator, AMG series) is not necessary anymore.
  • Space and piping work is reduced.
  • Easier replacement of the element. The stopper function prevents the bowl from falling.