Check Valve/Vacuum Generator/Flow Switch AP

[Check valve]
・Fluid back-flow is prevented by back pressure.
・Unique design with only one moving part in the gas stream, an O-ring.
・Springless structure suppresses particle generation by vibration or
 chattering or pressure fluctuation on downstream side.

[Vacuum generator]
・Vacuum generation equipment.
・Applicable to emission of unnecessary gas remaining inside the
 piping during gas cylinder replacement.

[Flow switch]
・Detects excess flow above a given flow rate, caused by pipe breakage, etc.

Series Type Body material Connection type Connection size
AP Check valve 316L SS secondary remelt Face seal
Tube weld
1/4'', 3/8''
AP Vacuum generator 316L SS Face seal
Tube weld
1/4'', 3/8''
AP Flow switch 316L SS secondary remelt
316L SS
Face seal
Tube weld
1/2'', 3/4''