clamp cylinder

CKG1B50-125YAZ (50mm Bore, 125mm Stroke) Clamp Cylinder with Magnet (Price After Discount & 18% GST)


Technical Specifications:-

Type of Product - Clamp Cylinder with Built-in standard magnet
Built in magnet - Yes
Bore - 50 mm
Stroke - 125 mm
Clevis width - 19.5 mm
End bracket - Double knuckle joint (M6 with tap)
Proof pressure - 1.5 MPa
Mounting - Double clevis
Speed controller - Equipped on both ends
Lubrication - Non-lube
Cushion - Unclamped side (head end): With air cushion


1) Easy fine speed adjustment with screw adjustment construction
2) Speed controller valve has no projection from the tube’s external surface
3) Possible to mount magnetic field resistant auto switch from 3 directions.