Rotary Actuators Vane type

CRB2BW40-180SZ Rotary Actuator Vane Type (Price After Discount & 18% GST)


Technical Specifications:-

Type of Product - Rotary Actuator Vane Type
Bore size: 40 mm
Rotating angle: 180°
Mounting: Basic
Vane type: single
Shaft type: Double shaft
Fluid: Air
Max. operating pressure: 1.0 MPa
Lubricant: Not required (Non-lube)


1) It is possible to move the auto switch mounting position as desired.
2) Direct mounting
3) Connection port position: Select from side ported or axial ported (When a switch and angle adjuster are installed, only the side ported is selectable.)
4) Low-pressure operation: 0.2 MPa (Size 10), 0.15 MPa (Sizes 15 to 40)
5) It is possible to adjust the angle as desired.