Energy Saving Solutions

Around 90% of the electricity consumed by a modern compressor is lost in waste heat and not in the production of compressed air. This makes compressed air 10 times more expensive than the cost of the electricity consumed in its production.

“At the same time, a leak point equivalent to 1mm diameter will cause a loss of Rs. 7315 in a year as also amounts to 361 KgCO emission”.

SMC India has identified & developed an energy saving program which focuses on key areas in a factory where energy loss can be reduced.

By focusing on the installation of an energy efficient compressed air system in your facilities, we can guarantee savings which could make a difference between making a profit or a loss.

SMC shares its social responsibility by contributing through manufacturing of environment-friendly products. Our products are designed to reduce the energy consumption in various forms, thereby indirectly reducing the pollutants released into the environment.

Energy Saving Products


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