Air pressure reducing valve

IR2220-02BG-A - 1/8 inch Port Size Precision Regulator (Price After Discount & 18% GST)


Technical Specifications:-

Type of Product - IR 2200 Series 1/8 inch Port Size Precision Regulator
Set pressure range: 0.02 to 0.8 MPa
Exhaust direction: Bottom exhaust
Port size: 1/4
Mounting: With bracket
Pressure gauge: Round type pressure gauge
Fluid: Air


1) Air consumption: Bleed air “0”.
2) High flow rate: Up to approx. Twice that of the current SMC product.
3) Lightweight: Reduced by up to approx. 27%(Compared to the current SMC product).
4) Repeatability: ±1% (Full span).