Digital Gap Checker

ISA3-GCP-1 3-Color Display Digital Gap Checker (Price After Discount & 18% GST)


Technical Specifications:-

Type of Product -  Digital Gap Checker 3-Color Display - Without Control Unit
Applicable fluid -  Dry air (Filtered through a 5 μm filter)
Rated distance range -   0.02 to 0.15 mm
Output  -  PNP 1 output
Piping -  Rc1/8
Stations - 1 station
Display  - 2-screen display, LCD Main screen: 3-digit, 7-segment, 2-color (Orange/Green),  Sub screen: 6-digit, 7-segment, 1-color (White)


  • Check at a glance if the workpiece is placed or not
  • The clearance distance between the detection surface and the workpiece can be found intuitively. 
  • Simple Setting: Setting is possible while checking the displayed value
  • Energy Saving: Air consumption 60% reduction
  • Improved drainage resistance: 10 times or more