Power Clamp Cylinder CKZ3T-X2734/-X2568□

SMC brings to you Power Clamp Cylinder CKZ3T-X2734/-X2568□. This clamp cylinder comes with simple switch adjustment which greatly reduces work hours. The switch can be adjusted easily when changing the arm opening angle. Also, these cylinders are fitted with metal switch cassette cover which protects switch cassette from unexpected impact. Weight of the cylinder has been reduced by 39% which makes it suitable for robot material handling. Clamping force of these cylinders can go as high as 4000N and their spatter proof construction further adds to their durability. These cylinders have two options of top cover - rubber cover which has a rounded design for reduced accumulation of welding spatter and metal cover which is suitable for arc welding lines.A model with maually operated handle is also available.

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SMC Clamp Cylinder