Pressure guage

Pressure Gauge with Color Zone Limit Indicator / G53-L/G63-L 

  • Large size: ø51, ø63
  • Indicator can be adjusted to highlight preferred range
  • Available with a limit indicator and color zones
Series Size (O.D.) Connection thread
G15 φ15 R1/8, M5(Female thread)
G27 φ27 R1/8, 1/16)
G36 φ37.5 R1/8, M5(Female thread)
GA36 φ37.5 R1/8
G46 φ42.5 R1/8, 1/4, M5(Female thread)
GA46 φ42.5 R1/8, 1/4
G33 φ30 R1/8
GA33 φ30 R1/8
G43 φ43 R1/8, 1/4
G36-L φ37.5 R1/8
G46-L φ42.5 R1/8,1/4
G53-L φ51.4 R1/8,1/4
G53-L φ63.4 R1/8,1/4