Product Catalogues

Cylinder with Lock MWB/MDWB

・Lock can be manually operated with a hexagon wrench.
 Easily mounted onto equipment
・Separate construction for improved ease of maintenance
・Holding force improved by 14%
・High stopping accuracy within ±1 mm
・Overall length reduced by 13 mm max

3-Screen Display High-Precision Digital Pressure Switch ZSE20(F)/ISE20

  • Visualization of setting items
  • Simple 3 step setting
  • Easy screen switching
  • Setting is possible while checking the measured value.
  • Delay time: Fastest 1.5 ms or less
  • Current consumption: 25 mA or less
3-Screen Display High-Precision Digital Pressure Switch Series ZSE20(F)/ISE20

Pressure Sensor for General Fluids PSE575/576/577

  • Rated pressure range: 0 to 2 MPa/0 to 5 MPa/0 to 10 MPa added.
  • Withstand voltage: 500 VAC (Twice that of the PSE560)
  • M12 connector
  • Enclosure: IP65
Pressure Sensor for General Fluids

Moisture Control Tube Series IDK

・Prevents condensation in piping for small cylinders/air grippers.
・Diffuses water vapor in the piping to the outside.
・All you have to do is install the moisture control tube. Additional power
 supply and works are not necessary.

Moisture Control Tube Series IDK catalogue

Fieldbus System (Gateway Decentralized Type) Series EX500

  • Decentralized valve installation
    Valves can be installed near the actuators!
    Reduced piping space and piping materials
    Reduced wiring space
    No need to set the address for the valve manifold and Input Unit.

Air Cylinder Series MB1

  • Non-rotating rod type MB1K-Z series added. [New]
  • Weight: 10% lighter (ø50-100 stroke) 
    Reduced weight by changing the shape of the rod cover and head cover.
  • Can mount small auto switches on 4 surfaces.
  • Fastener on auto switch mounting groove for dust-prevention (Option)

Vane Type/Rotary Actuator Series CRB1

  • Compact auto switches are mountable! (D-M9□)
  • Stainless steel specification for main parts (Made to Order)
  • Two different port locations (side and axial) are available.
  • Mounting: Direct mounting, Foot mounting

ISO Standard (15552) ISO Cylinder Series C96

  • New series added: Series C96-W/C96K/C96K-W/C96Y [New]
  • Made to Order added [New]
  • Lightweight up to 17% weight reduced
  • By adopting a new cushion method (Air cushion + Bumper cushion), 
    Cycle time shortened
  • The bumper cushion reduces the metal noise that occurs 
    when the piston stops at the end of the stroke.