At SMC, we shall move forward by integrating wisdom of all employees together to develop core competence and capability to practice “Customer First” and “Quality First” objectives by:

  • Responding promptly to customers’ demand and providing service to satisfy the customers..
  • Devotion of all employees towards quality and execution of PDCA at all levels.
  • Establishment of quality assurance using a system of root cause analysis to solve the problems quickly.
  • Recognition of own responsibility by all employees to realize quality to meet the expectations of customers.

SMC moves forward, bringing together the wisdom of all its employees with the mottoes of customer first and quality first, and contributes to the development of the world.

  1. Customer First: Quickly responds to customer request and provides high quality products and services to meet customer expectations.
  2. Source Control: Identifies issues at an early stage, repeatedly conducts why analysis to trace issue back to the root causes and greatly improve issues for the establishment of a quality assurance system.
  3. Full Participation: Is aware of their own responsibility and implements quality improvement activities with the participation of all employees to achieve the quality demanded by cutomers.
  4. Plan Initiative: Each employee commits to prioritizing quality and reliably follows the plan-do-check cycle

To achieve these quality policies, SMC establishes, maintains and continues to improve the quality management system to allow all related SMC employees in the world to operate.