thermo chillers

Thermo-chiller Standard Type HRS Series

  • With this chiller, cooling water can be obtained anywhere it is necessary because of easy installation and easy operation.
  • For a wide range of applications, such as laser machine tools, analytical equipment, LCD manufacturing equipment, mold temperature control, etc.
  • Compact: W 377 x H 615 x D 500 mm, 40 kg (HRS012/018/024)
  • Timer function, Low liquid level protection, Power failure auto-restart, Anti-freezing function, etc.
  • Self diagnosis function
  • Ideal for overseas models (Single-phase 200 to 230 VAC, Single-phase 100, 115 VAC)
  • Compliant with UL Standards, CE-marking
  • The cooling capacity(W) 4200 W 
  • Lightweight/Compact
  • Temperature stability±0.1℃
Series Set temperature range Cooling capacity Temperature stability Cooling method Circulating liquid
HRS012 to 060 5 to 40℃ 1.3kW
±0.1℃ Air-cooled refrigeration/Water-cooled refrigeration Tap water
Deionized water
Ethylene glycol aqueous solution (15%)