Vacuum Ejector - ZH Series

Vacuum Ejector ZH

・Nozzle diameters: ø0.5, ø0.7, ø1.0, ø1.3, ø1.5, ø1.8, ø2.0
・Composite formed resin nozzle and body
・Available in series of 2 types: Box type (built-in silencer), Body ported type
SeriesNozzle diameter
Max. suction flow
Air consumption
Guidelines for applicable pad
ZH050.55132 to 13
ZH070.712232 to 20
ZH101.024462 to 32
ZH131.340782 to 50
ZH151.555952 to 100
ZH181.8651502 to 125
ZH202.0851852 to 150