Training in Pneumatics 

Training Courses

SMC specializes in providing a wide range of training in technical courses. The company offers training in fields like Pneumatic, Electro Pneumatic, Hydraulic and PLC control technologies.

Training Modules

SMC believes in ensuring the best in class training environment and overall skill development for people working in the heavy industrial sector. It consists of various training modules for Pneumatic, Electro Pneumatic and PLC control technologies.

Pneumatic Basics

SMC can help in providing detailed knowledge about the basics of Pneumatic. Our training will help you in understanding the theory, development and application of the Pneumatic technology with great ease.

SMC offers a wide range of technical training courses in the field of Mechatronics, including courses in Pneumatic, Electro Pneumatic, Hydraulic and PLC control technologies  We have specific range of training kits for different training courses, suitable for varying levels of automation.

Advantages of SMC Training Program :

Specialized Training Equipment

SMC’s specially developed Computer-aided Training is another source of information used in the training room. Animated sectional models of working products and circuits provide a visual reference which help bring the principles of pneumatics to life.

The Learning Experience

The theory imparted through the course is re-emphasised by each participant building  pneumatic circuits to solve given automation tasks, which test their understanding and operational knowledge. Individual progress is monitored by the tutor and when the exercises are completed, full explanations are provided for preferred solutions. Also, the methodology for diagnosing problems and achieving solutions is further discussed.


We have developed a set of documentation for each of the training course as a support for the learning process which comprises of SMC’s copyright manual and a set of practical exercises. Practical exercises are divided into data sheets and the corresponding solution to the exercises.

SMC India, also conducts training programs at the customer premises by using portable training kits. These kits contain most of pneumatic components and a small compressor in a carry case allowing easy transportation and immediate training use.

SMC pneumatic training can be available at any one of our eight well equipped training centers.


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